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I support Nursing Now – HUGES

Diego Ayuso General Secretary General Nursing Council Spain “We hope that it contributes with Political Leadership and Nurse Health Manager, empowering nurses as referents in […]

Noemí Hernández

I am Noemí Hernández, an Emergency Nurse since 1996. And I say “Emergency” because I believe that Emergency Nurses have that “something special or different” […]

Marga Esteve

#cafeHUGES with Marga Esteve @margaesteve  Director of Nursing Hospital de Sant Pau Barcelona @HospitalSantPau

HUGES joins Nursing Now

HUGES can announce that it has joined Nursing Now , with the purpose of helping to consolidate the nursing leadership, from HUGES we want to contribute […]

Why do we join Nursing Now?

Leadership is one of the great essential factors in management, the ability to exercise good leadership is one of the fundamental values ​​that a manager […]

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