HUGES joins Nursing Now

HUGES can announce that it has joined Nursing Now , with the purpose of helping to consolidate the nursing leadership, from HUGES we want to contribute to this with a series of initiatives throughout the next year 2020, year that has been nominated the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife at the 72nd World Health Assembly in Geneva, since these two health professions are invaluable for the health of people everywhere, and since we have among our members representatives of both professions , for them we will contribute and celebrate together this important milestone.

Nursing Now is a three-year global campaign conducted in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization. It is a program of the Burdett Fund for Nursing.

Nurses are at the heart of most health teams, playing a crucial role in health promotion, as well as disease prevention and treatment. Being the health professionals closest to the community, they play a special role in the development of new models of community care and support the efforts made at the local level to promote health and prevent disease.

The international Nursing Now campaign promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Council of Nurses (CIE) aims to ask governments, health professionals and users of services to value nurses more and advocate for their leadership to improve the quality of care and improve the health of the population.

The campaign is developed during the 2018-2020 period and also seeks to improve the health of the population by strengthening the competencies and activities of Nursing.

Nurses are the axis of health systems and play a crucial role in both health promotion and prevention, treatment and care, representing almost half of health workers worldwide.

Among the objectives of the campaign are that by 2020 you will get:

  1. Increased investment to improve education, professional development, standards, regulation and employment conditions for nurses.
  2. Greater and better dissemination of effective and innovative Nursing practices.
  3. Increased participation of nurses in global health policies.
  4. More nurses in leadership positions and more development opportunities at all levels.
  5. More evidence for policy makers and decision makers, where Nursing can have the greatest impact, what is preventing nurses from reaching their full potential and how to address these obstacles.
  6. Some objectives that agree with the proposals of Nursing in professional leadership, innovation, political influence, training and decision making to contribute to the achievement of universal health.

HUGES wants to be present in this great challenge for the year 2020, contributing value in the field of management and leadership, because we want a fairer, more transparent and, above all, more personal management.

For this reason HUGES joins Nursing Now

Soon we will have more information on how HUGES will participate in Nursing Now, but we anticipate that we are preparing actions that will be of impact for nurses, midwives and nursing students, we are working on it … and soon we will be able to present it.

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