Why do we join Nursing Now?

Leadership is one of the great essential factors in management, the ability to exercise good leadership is one of the fundamental values ​​that a manager must have, since HUGES we are aware that in health management, powerful, qualified, trained, professional leaders are required and motivated, able to lead their teams to excellence and get them to reach the goals set with that motivation and delivery of the good leader.

For these reasons Nursing Now is an opportunity, an opportunity to participate in a global project of nurse leadership that is born from the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization. Because nurses are at the heart of most health teams, playing a crucial role in health promotion, as well as in disease prevention and treatment. Being the health professionals closest to the community, they play a special role in the development of new models of community care and support the efforts made at the local level to promote health and prevent disease.

HUGES wants to collaborate from our humility
to disseminate, facilitate and promote nursing leadership.

HUGES has as its main objective to change the management models towards a more humanistic model, more focused on people, in the care of professionals so that they can exercise their profession with greater enthusiasm and motivation, we know that among our members we have A large number of nurses and midwives, and many of them dedicated to management, HUGES therefore participates in Nursing Now to help raise awareness of the importance of nurse leadership.

Throughout this year 2020 that we are about to begin, the “year of nurses and midwives”, HUGES will develop dissemination and awareness activities within Nursing Now, little by little we will be deploying and informing them promptly of the same, since we all add up to this great common challenge.

Just thank Nursing Now for the opportunity to be in this great nursing project, and especially Adelaida Zabalegui for her support and trust in us, only our illusion is to be able to live up to this great and exciting challenge.

Albert Cortés
Director HUGES

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