Núria Cuxart

Director of Programs at the Col·legi Oficial d’Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona, ​​Dean of the Council of Nursing Colleges of Catalonia.

What is humanization for you?

Humanization is the process through which the actions that we carry out every day and every moment are intended to be based on the commitment to the recognition that every human being, by the mere fact of being a person, has an intrinsic value, unique and unconditional that gives it dignity regardless of any circumstance. Humanization is, in my view, any action from the conviction that the dignity of the person is not conquered, but is possessed. This is expressed in the Catalan Code of Ethics for Nurses, which of course I subscribe to, and to which I would add that as far as dignity is concerned there is no “but” that is worth: it is respected.

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