Blas Navalón

Nurse. Technical Councilor of the District of Sarrià – Sant Gervasi in the Barcelona City Council, by the Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya.

What is humanization for you?

It is a concept of holistic and integral vision of life and not only of the profession, based on always thinking of people first, not judging them, being benevolent, acting generously, always looking at them under an ethical and human aspect.

An important characteristic in terms of humanization is the application in the daily management of the bioethical principle of non-maleficence, which we already apply in our day-to-day with patients and that we must also learn to apply with our team of professionals.

And here I leave you a golden rule to apply also in management and it is this humanistic principle of Confucius “Do not do to the other what you do not want for yourself”

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