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Nurse, currently nursing supervisor Hospital San Rafael de Barcelona, ​​Director, editor of Our Nursing Fanzine, independent publication in E-Zine format, linked to the blog Nuestroenfermeria.es

What is humanization for you?

In front of this question, there are always unknowns and conflicting feelings. Does it really matter? How have we come to ask ourselves this kind of question? I would understand that at this point we were wondering what is De-Humanization for us? But apparently we have already taken a campaign that makes it necessary for us to rethink many of the things that perhaps should never have been …

Outside of philosophizing, “Humanization”, something about which I have written several times in the Blog Our Nursing, It is still a complex and simple term at the same time. Being rigorous and sticking to the strict sense, “Humanization” would be the “Humanization Action” According to the RAE, Humanizing is

“Making human, family and affable to someone or something.”

Well, Humanize in healing or healing is or would be done in addition to Human, family, friendly, close … to people, and with a Holistic look. What I would not know how to say is where in the road we lost ourselves to have, nurses above all, to talk about this.

If I had to define Humanization, I would do it more like the awareness of the health system itself about its own “ecosystem”. That is, it is not only about health professionals, doctors or nurses, it is not only about H-ICU or services, it is not just about Management or Management. It is about the whole of everything and everyone focusing on the person and not in other places that have nothing to do with the purpose of the system, which is health, in all its dimensions.

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