Marilia Segarra

Nursing Director in HM Hospitals Madrid 

1 What is humanization for you?

Humanization is to consider each one in a unique way, to treat the individuality of their needs, giving autonomy and support to find the answers they are looking for, to accompany the roads, respect their dignity, connect with each one, meet their expectations. It is to look at the person and treat him as ourselves. It is taking care of ourselves in all spheres, each other, leaving numbers behind and looking for looks.

2 Do you have any personal experience in the world of health humanization?

In 2004 I had the fantastic opportunity to be part of the Humanization project at the Children’s Hospital of La Paz, in addition to learning a lot I was able to verify the impact of the implementation of Humanizing measures.

I am also part of the faculty staff of the Master of Humanization in Health of  the European University of Madrid, and coordinator of the management module of the same, where I continue to learn and try to convey the importance of Humanization in management.

My greatest learning in Humanization anyway came from the team of professionals with whom I worked as a fairly nobel nurse, taught me how to plan my work, in a Critics Unit, thinking about the needs of those patients and their families that They were at the door waiting.

3 How would you humanize the world of management?

Management in the healthcare world, and especially in Nursing, has rooted practices that must be banished, we have to work as a team, especially with middle managers who are the soul of organizations, collaboration, organization chart horizontalization, communication , teamwork, training, involvement, management and prioritization of time … … there are many necessary tools, but above all believe it and not be afraid to get off the pedestals.

4 Do you think that values ​​and ethics go hand in hand when re-humanizing the organization?

Actions that are not based on values ​​are not understood, a reference is needed to address how we should work and humanization should be among them.

The ethics of organizations is closely linked to this and helps us to resolve conflicts that arise in health care and to make better decisions.

5 Where should humanization begin?

In each one of us, it is to return to our essence, to which our profession is, the art of caring, listening, shaking hands, understanding and also acting. We must begin by recovering the humanizing culture of organizations, building trust in patients and giving them the possibility to enter their processes, inform them and train them so that they are able to make their own decisions, without leaving them alone, but with the utmost respect.

6 Do you know any historical person who was humanizing?

There are many throughout history, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa of Calcutta or San Juan de Dios among others, It would highlight the ability to give to others, listening, understanding without doubt and meet the needs of the most needy

7 Because of your experience as a nurse manager, how do you think the HUGES Project should focus its activities?

I believe that HUGES is doing a great job making visible the need for Humanization in the area of ​​management, where the strategies start and which influences the entire organization

The presence in forums, congresses, conferences… .. is making the leaders move in this direction and the younger nurses get involved

Continuing to work in this line and help set the guidelines, collaborating on projects and advice could be another step.

8 What can nurse management bring to the Nursing Now challenge?

The nurse management is reinforced with the Nursing Now campaign, not only because it is valued and one of the objectives is to strengthen the leadership of nurses, but also because we also demonstrate the management capacity by establishing strategies and implementing lines of action, following the guidelines of the campaign. The Nightingale challenge will create a quarry of future nurse leaders who ensure the generational change and modernization of nurse management.

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